Four Reasons Young Families Should Choose to Live in Loughton

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Loughton came to people’s consciousness because of ITV’s The Only Way is Essex in 2010. The British reality TV show firmly put Loughton on the map, driving people to look into moving there. And why not? Since the 17th century, Loughton has been an important stopping point for those traveling between London and Cambridge. In fact, Londoners love taking a day trip to Essex for a trip to Epping Forest.

The proximity of Loughton to London is one of the main reasons you need to call estate agents in Loughton to check out the residential opportunities there. If you are a young family looking for a family-friendly location, this is the perfect town for you. It’s a quaint, little town with a countryside feel, but it also has all the modern conveniences available in bigger cities.

Near Work and Schools

London is a short commute away. It will take you only 35 minutes to get to the center of the city via train. And the station is just within your reach if you live in Loughton. There are only two stations in the town—one is Loughton Station, and the other is Debden Station. If your kids are studying in college, it’s easy for them to go home for the weekend, too. Many major cities are just a stone’s throw away from Loughton. For those taking their cars, the town is also accessible via the M25 and M11.

Access to High-end and Independent Brands

Just because you live in a small town doesn’t mean that you should forego your style. Loughton has a well-established High Road where residents can find high-end and independent brands. The Essex crowd has always been a glamorous bunch, so the businesses there aim to cater to their style. Some designer boutiques are reportedly even owned by TOWIE cast members. There are barbers, spas, hairdressers, and salons that all provide convenience to the residents.

Plenty of Amenities for Families

public parkEven as a small town, Loughton offers many amenities for young families. The school selection is great. There are also parks, nature trails, and public playgrounds. There’s a vibrant local community where children can socialize. Families can take their dogs for a walk around Epping Forest. They can buy supplies at family-friendly groceries with their children. There’s also a nice Sunday farmers’ market for some home-baked goodies.

Affordable Housing Options

Loughton is appealing to young families because of the affordable housing options available to them. Whether they plan to buy a property or rent an apartment, there are plenty of great opportunities in Loughton. The style and architecture of the houses are also perfect for young families. There are small cottages and larger family homes to cater to everyone’s preferences. If buying a home is not an option right now, there are plenty of apartments that young families can afford with ease.

This is a town where young families can grow. It’s away from the hustle and bustle of London. But it’s near enough that you can still have access to more job opportunities. You can all visit London for some weekend fun. This way, the kids won’t get culture-shocked when it’s time for them to go to bigger schools. The competitive price points of properties are also attractive reasons young families should check out this town.

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