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The world today has many luxuries that help make the lives of people easier. Sometimes, they can make life more convenient. Other times, though, they make life more complicated than necessary.

Meanwhile, many people in this world want to live a simple life. They imagine themselves spending their days enjoying nature and sitting by the lake. Reality, however, often interrupts this dream, but it doesn’t have to be this way. There are actions that people can do to start living a simple life.

When people hear the advice “simplify your life,” they may imagine selling their home quickly, relocating to the middle of the woods and living off the land. This, however, is not necessarily a simple life — and this living arrangement may not be for everyone.

Instead, pick a few simple things that can keep you in the modern world, but still make your life more convenient.

Here are a few suggestions to help you simplify your life:

  1. Cut Your Cable Subscription

Many households are shelling out well over $100 a month on cable TV that offers 500 different channels. Out of all these options, though, most people stick to 10 to 15.

Rather than waste your money on a monthly cable bill, settle with over-the-air stations you can enjoy without paying a single cent. When cable’s not around, you can go back to the reliable and old method of entertainment — talking to friends and family that matter in your life.

  1. Get a Basic Cellphone

A mobile phone in today’s world is a necessity given that payphones are slowly fading away. If you need to get in touch with someone in an emergency, you’ll need a handy phone that can get the job done.

Rather than get the latest smartphone on the market, opt for a basic feature phone that makes or receives calls and SMS. You’ll find plans that enable you to obtain a phone for less than $50. Some plans even provide free call minutes every month.

  1. Begin Tracking Your Expenses and Time

One thing people will benefit from doing is tracking the hard-earned dollars they spend. This is a great way to determine what you’re spending your money on and when you’re spending it.

By tracking your expenses, you’ll realize that you’re spending a lot of money on stuff you don’t need. You may, for instance, find that the second car in your garage is an expense that is draining your bank account. You could take public transportation and get to work without having to use a second vehicle. When you realize that, you can make changes that will help simplify your life.

Besides money, don’t forget to track the amount of time you’re spending doing tasks every day. Come up with ways to cut down on time on unnecessary stuff. If you’re wasting your hours watching mindless TV, for example, reduce the time on the screen and do something else productive.

Money and time are two of the valuable resources that people have, but take for granted. When life becomes simpler, the amount of these two things that an individual has available will increase. This is the benefit of a simpler life in today’s world.

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  1. Declutter Your Home

When you get rid of the clutter from your house and simplify your space, you can go a long way toward simplifying your life, as well.

The more stuff you have, the more attention, energy and time you need to take care of and manage it all. If you have too much stuff, it can make your life more stressful. The obstacles that clutter places in your path can keep you from your priorities, value and goals.

When you eliminate the clutter, the distractions and any excess from your house, you give yourself more freedom, energy, space and time to focus on what you value the most. Your home turns into a place that you enjoy being in and love. It’s your sanctuary from the stress of the outside world.

So take steps to declutter your house. You could, for instance, start by getting rid of things that no longer spark joy.

  1. Practice Gratitude

A major part of embracing a simpler life is looking for contentment with your home and your life. Rather than always wanting better, bigger, newer or more, be thankful for what you have.

If you find yourself wanting something you do not have, take a few seconds to stop and appreciate what you already have. Those few seconds of gratitude may just be what you need to bring you to a place of contentment.

Start exploring a simpler life by taking note of these five suggestions. Experiment and try these tips slowly and thoughtfully. Find out what works for you. Then, keep what works and change what doesn’t.

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