Living with Strangers: Why Should You Consider It?


It’s always better to live with someone you know and trust. But that does not always happen. Sometimes, you are left with no choice but to live with strangers. But is it really that bad living with someone you do not know?

Strangers have such a negative connotation. To eliminate that negative connotation, instead of using the word strangers, let’s use the term “new people.” Renting a space with a different set of people has its advantages; sometimes, it’s even better to live with new people than with long-time friends.

Living with other people saves you money

Friends or not friends, living with other than people rather than having your own space saves you a lot of money. Rental spaces are not always cheap, and if you want the more affordable option, you may have to make do with a tiny space.

Living with others can help you split the bills and rent a bigger, better space. You not only can save for the rental fee but can also split the utility bills.

You learn new things from other people

Forbes discusses that people can learn from others with a different perspective about the world. Living with a different set of people can make you see these different views.

Chances are, you are friends with someone because you have the same ideals, and you have a similar take on things. However, broadening your perspective is important, so you understand where other people are coming from. To do so, expose yourself to other people and new situations.

Living with new roommates can expose you to these perspectives. Also, since you live together, you can discuss these perspectives in detail because you have to live with this person.

Living with a good roommate increases GPA


The New York Times discusses that depending on the roommate, one’s GPA may or may not increase. One of the studies concluded that black students got higher GPAs when assigned to a white roommate. The study states that this may be because a white roommate makes it easier for a black student to adjust to a generally white-dominated university.

Hence, living with a person you may have never imagined you would live with before can improve your academic standing.

You get to have a new set of friends

The most obvious benefit of living with a new set of people is socializing and meeting new friends. In addition, these people have an established set of friends whom you can meet to. This is great for networking, and like mentioned above, you can learn a whole set of things from the new group you meet.

Chances are, these people also have a different set of cultures that you may not have experienced before. Keeping an open mind is key when meeting people with a different set of cultures. Doing so will let you enjoy the company of others and learn how they operate. Also, you get to experience their food, too!

Additionally, once you establish a good relationship with this new set of people, you will also find more people to ask for help and support in times of need. This is what really makes it better rather than living alone. When you are sick, you conveniently have someone to call next door. When you are in an emergency and away from family, this new set of friends can be there for you.

Sometimes, living with strangers is better than living with friends

Sometimes, living with friends can become uncomfortable. Because you don’t want to ruin relationships, sometimes, you cannot tell them what you want to say. For example, if you’re the type who likes to keep things clean and your friend isn’t, it may be hard to say the things you want to say.

Living with other people makes it easier to say things as it is. At the same time, since a stranger isn’t that comfortable around you, they may be too shy to leave a mess in the apartment. At the same time, a stranger will feel uneasy not to pay the bills on time, which will greatly benefit you in terms of monthly payments.

In general, living with a non-friend makes you see things and attack things objectively. When living with a non-friend, your screening process is more intense, and you get to ask more questions to ensure that you have a great living situation together. However, this may not be the case with friends. It will be too awkward to ask serious things, well, because you are friends and you think you know one another too well.

However, knowing a person is different from living with that person. Sometimes, to save a friendship, it’s best not to live together and find a different roommate.

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