Four Ideas for Giving New Tenants a Warm Welcome


There are over 4.5 million households in the United Kingdom that rely on private rental property for a roof over their heads. New tenants are always welcome faces, especially if you own and manage rental property. This is especially true if they’re long-term renters. But with so many properties to choose from, you need to make yours stand out. This is why it’s important that you immediately establish a good rapport with your new tenants.

Simply providing a convenient and comfortable rental property isn’t the only way you can secure the loyalty of your tenants. You should try a more personal approach and provide new tenants with a warm welcome. Here are a few ideas on how you can greet new tenants in a personal and practical way:

A Basket of Necessities

What better way to welcome your new tenants than with a basket full of some of the things they’ll need on their first night. It tells your new tenants that not only are you looking out for them but that you’re also someone they can rely on. This basket can include the following necessities:

  • A roll of toilet paper
  • Small bottles of shampoo and body wash
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • An air freshener
  • Tinned goods

These items will surely be more than welcome, especially if your new tenants have been too busy unpacking all day to hit the shops.

Safety Guidelines and Documentation

Comfort your new tenants by showing how secure their new home is with a packet containing safety guidelines and documentation of all inspections carried out in the property. The safety guidelines should include the following information:

  • Maps of the property with escape routes and exits highlighted
  • Location of safety equipment such as fire extinguishers
  • Contact numbers of local authority figures and emergency response services

Other documents that you could include in this packet are any electrical performance certificates and fire safety inspection certificates.

A Neighbourhood Guide

New tenants could take a couple of weeks to familiarise themselves with your neighbourhood. You can help them feel more at home by giving them a map or guide to the community. It could be as simple as a single page map with notes or as detailed as a small booklet. Either way, your new residents will appreciate it if you include information on the following places:

  • Nearest grocery or convenience stores
  • Local health centres and hospitals
  • Entertainment and recreational businesses
  • Historic landmarks and other places of cultural significance

You can modify the information as befits your tenant. For example, pet owners would welcome any information on local veterinary clinics or pet-friendly establishments.

A Luxurious Welcome Package

freshly baked bread

Instead of necessities, why not greet your new tenants with a gift basket full of luxurious items? Such a welcome package would be the perfect way for your tenants to de-stress after a chaotic day of unpacking. Your luxury welcome basket could include the following:

  • Wine or champagne to celebrate
  • Biscuits and other sweet pastries
  • Chocolates and similar confections
  • Local delicacies
  • Bath bombs and scented bubble bath formula

Remember to adjust the contents of the basket depending on what you know about your tenants. With these things in tow, their new home will feel cosier than ever.

First impressions are priceless, particularly if you’re greeting new tenants. Ensuring that their first impression of you, their new landlord, is a good one can ensure a long and profitable relationship.

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