How to Find the Best House-hunting Partner

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One of the most taxing parts of being a potential homeowner is looking for a property. House hunting can be exciting at first, but after five open houses and disappointing meetings with the owners, you will want to get over it very quickly.

Not everyone is gifted with the undying wonder that comes with seeing every house up close. After more visits, every house ends up looking like they are the same place, just in different locations. To avoid getting fatigued from house hunting, you will need a dependable partner by your side.

And no, that’s not your real-life partner, if you have one. The best house hunting partner you can have is an excellent realtor who can guide you in the right direction of potential homes and away from disastrous ones. Finding a house-hunting partner can be difficult, but lucky for you, here are a few tips to narrow down your choices:

Tip #1 Having Experience Is Key

There are many instances where you can trust a rookie to do the work for you, but unfortunately, this is not the time. Rookies need to gain experience to become experts, and on this occasion, what you need is someone who already has the experience.

Having a seasoned agent is crucial in your house hunting journey because that is how you can make the otherwise time-consuming process faster. If your partner already has experience playing the field, they can give you well-informed advice and help you make better decisions.

Besides, you’re already going to trust your money with someone, so it might be best to put it in the hands of an expert. This way, you will know that your agent won’t scam you out of your money or place you in a rundown house that’s on the verge of destruction.

Tip #2 Recommended Through Word of Mouth

A tried-and-tested way to find a good agent is by asking around. Positive and negative reviews easily circulate among communities or groups of friends, which makes following word of mouth a semi-reliable source of information.

Of course, you will have to confirm the rumors before you believe them, but it can be a wise starting point. You can also directly ask your friends or family about the agents they have worked with to see if there are any promising ones that you can contact.

Getting the recommendation of those you trust can indicate an agent’s good working relationship and customer service. This is because it is uncommon to recommend those with ill-fated experiences. Once you get the names, conduct an interview for yourself to gauge their potential.

Tip #3 Don’t Hire the First One You Meet

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Like with everything else in life, settling for the first thing you lay your eyes on can be unwise. This is especially true when you’re looking for a house-hunting partner because you need to scour the market before deciding who you will end up with.

So don’t settle for the first agent you meet; instead, interview at least three or four before you hire them. This way, you will be able to compare their strengths and weaknesses against one another to realize who the best is among the candidates.

You should also not hire a relative or a close friend that you can’t be real with. Hiring someone you know personally can give rise to misunderstandings or uncomfortable problems in the long run. If you think that will be an issue, it will be best to avoid hiring someone you know personally.

Tip #4 Chemistry isn’t Required, but it’s Nice to Have

House hunting can take time, and so can the remaining process of putting an offer on the house, closing, and moving in. All in all, the journey to becoming a homeowner can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months if you’re lucky.

That’s why your agent needs to be someone that you can click with. You need to be comfortable with this person because they will have a peek into your future, your finances, and overall life up until you close on your home.

You don’t need to be best friends with your agent, but you will need to at least be friendly. This way, you can avoid awkward small talk with a person you don’t even like. Don’t sacrifice your comfort in the name of your agent’s credibility because there are plenty of good agents that have good personalities.

Finally, becoming a homeowner after all those weeks of stressing over what houses to visit and what loans to apply for can be very rewarding. Your hard work, perseverance, and determination have paid off because you can now enjoy being the proud owner of your property. So find a suitable partner who can realize your dreams.

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