A Guide to Choosing the Right Home for You and Your Loved Ones

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Buying your own home is probably one of the best long-term investments anyone can make. Whether you’ve done it, considering it, or just not quite there yet, going through all the processes of acquiring one can be incredibly frightening and intimidating. Thus, it’s tempting to go with the first one you see on the market that fits the standard of a home you’re looking for.

It’s easier that way, right? Wrong.

One of the perks of the so-called American Dream is the right, even obligatory, to own a house. However, it’s the same privilege that leads most people to overlook the steps in planning and consideration regarding owning a property. But if you are investing in your future home, it’s best to keep in mind the safety of your family.

When buying a house, each one has its own set of priorities. But going past the fundamental factors and features such as budget, mortgage, property taxes, and whatnot, creating and choosing a safe environment for you and your family should be on top of it all.

So, what else should you watch out for?


When buying a house or any property for that matter, the location remains a valuable factor. It will be the benchmark for everything that you need to consider. Do you want your home to be near your workplace or school? Is it located in a safe community? Anyone can make a house aesthetically pleasing, but a bad location will surely decrease its value. It’s worth noting that a good place is a must for a property to remain an asset and a profitable investment.


Another crucial factor that needs to be taken into consideration is infrastructure. Does your new home have a sufficient and clean water supply? Is internet connectivity possible? What about other amenities such as street lights, recreational parks, and so on? Living in a place with good infrastructure is vital, so make sure it’s included in your priority list.


Your safety should be your topmost priority, and in line with choosing the best location for your home, it’s essential to search for a place with a low crime rate. Among the different forms of property crimes in the U.S., recent statistics show that theft is still the most common, with 5.08 million reported cases as of 2019. Luckily, information on crime rates is now available online should you want to check more on the area you’re interested in.

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Home and System Inspection

The ones that need utmost importance are those that are hidden from plain sight. A house’s façade may look beautiful on the outside, but don’t let it fool you. Make sure to consider a thorough inspection of its maintenance, repairs, renovations, and so on.

As a rule of thumb, an HVAC system should be inspected at least once a year. Failure to do so will cause contamination in your system. Thus, a higher possibility for it to be a breeding ground for molds. This can increase your risk of health problems.

Additionally, electrical systems should be carried out every ten years for homeowners and every five years for rental properties. Faulty and old wiring is one of the leading causes of electrical fires in homes. Hence, it’s an excellent note to consult a licensed professional for an electrical installation condition report to ensure a safe place to live in.

Plumbing is just as important because this connects passages of water in your home. Basic pipe problems can be easily fixed, but inspect them every two years for repairs and replacements as damaged pipes can sometimes be clogged with iron deposits, reducing the water pressure.

Sure, there are several factors we need to consider in buying a house. With all the information you need to remember and think about, doing so could be overwhelming and stressful. But this is just a fraction of the more significant problem you would have encountered should you ignore these basic reminders.

These factors will not only benefit you as a homeowner, but it’s also vital in the long run should you decide to put your property on the market. A well-maintained home located in a safe place adds value to your property even if real estate fluctuates in the near future.

To make your home your own safe space and sanctuary, you need to give it your best to make it a conducive place to live in for you and your loved ones. It’s a place where you can relax and feel secure. After all, that’s what home is all about, right?

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